I am Fred Chambers, one of your friendly SCUBA instructors.  I started to dive in the mid 1980’s as an elective in college for a PE class (NAUI).  A few years ago my son graduated from Miramar College and I decided to give him SCUBA lessons (PADI) as a gift and we both took the course.

It wasn’t too long after that I meet some great instructors who took me from Open Water to Instructor.

So, why do I like to dive?  I like teaching and really likethe joy of showing people the underwater life we have around us.  My favorite classes are underwater photography, night, and Search & Recovery.  There is something calming about diving that will take away worries of everyday life and restore some of that energy.

Where do I like to dive?  In San Diego, if I have a choice it would be the Marine Room.  This is where the Leopard Sharks are going to be in the summer, the bat rays, kelp, and out turtle.  Outside of San Diego I would pick either Catalina Island or Mexico.  The Sea of Cortez is just outstanding (warm water) and abundant sea life including the largest shark in the world (whale shark) during the summer.

I am an Elite Diving Instructor with PADIwith about 300 certifications.  At previous SCUBA companies I would handle their SEAL Team (8, 9 year olds).  I believe that diving should be fun and I teach that if we are not having fun we need to slow down, figure out what is wrong and adjust so it is.

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