Have you wondered why people SCUBA dive?
What is under that water which covers 71% of the earth?

Discover Scuba Diving allows you to explore what it is like to breath
underwater in a low stress, little cost, and minimal time
commitments. DSDs are mainly conducted in a pool with your
PADI professional watching over you. Being a good
swimmer is not a requirement for SCUBA – we like it
underwater better.
So what does it take to do our DSD:
a) Be over 10 years old
b) Be able to complete a medical
c) Go through a short classroom and
pass a quiz
d) Bring a bathing suit BUT BUT BUT
more importantly
e) Ready to have fun and enjoy our sport!

-Medical questionnaire check
-Classroom/ quiz
-Gear up
-Quick review in the shallow
end of the pool
-Go explore in our pool!
-Cost: $75 pp / $125 for 2 people

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Your Scuba Professionals have at least a PADI- IDCStaff or
higher certification.

SCUBA Fun, Safe, and Low Stress